The Whent and Haigh families

Wow! did Mom ever balk at the thought of “some stranger” “coming to my house” especially on a regular basis. The conversation went something like this ” I’m perfectly fine on my own. I don’t need someone else coming around. I’m tired of all those people coming here and asking me questions and doing things.” Fast forward to the visit from Katrina. Our mother is not particularly outgoing and already had her mind set that she didn’t need someone else “coming around” but from the moment Katrina arrived and they began to chat and get to know each other we knew we had a winner.  When Kat left that first day, they hugged each other and when she left mom said “oh, I like her” and so did we. Katrina has been “visiting” for want of a better word, since the beginning of February. The two of them do jigsaw puzzles, play scrabble, make visits to local sites (cheese farm for example), drink tea, play music, pick up pill packs and generally just have a good time doing whatever the day brings. A perfect fit. I don’t mean to sound “hokey” but our mom just loves her.I hope that when any of us need this kind of “service” that Katrina is still around.