Jennifer Fulford M.D

Seven months after losing my Father, My Mother suffered a significant cerebral hemorrhage, leaving her with virtually no use of her left arm and minimal use of her left leg, but thankfully cognitively intact.  Her subsequent physical limitations left her struggling with loneliness and isolation and we as family, were always trying to find ways to improve her quality of life.

We discovered Brighter Days Elderly Services and we were thrilled with the services Katrina offered,  She discovers her clients interests and aptitudes and tailors her visits to match her client’s needs.  Katrina is a very engaging, happy individual who is exceptionally well suited to providing senior’s services.  Katrina visits mom three times a week and she can’t wait to see her from one visit to the next!

Mom is an author and enjoys intellectual stimulation, so Katrina finds challenging games for the two of them to play regularly and even practices Spanish with Mom!!  She takes her for walks and has taken her out for coffee and excursions to the Marina for ice cream, and to a local nursery for a visit with friends.

I couldn’t be happier with the stimulation and companionship she has provided for my mother, who is now finding her days to be definitely “brighter”, thanks to Katrina!