Our Team

Katrina Sutherland
Owner & Therapeutic Recreationist


From a young age Katrina has enjoyed spending time with seniors, she attributes this passion to her love and admiration of her grandparents. With a Bachelor of Arts in Gerontology and a Diploma in Recreation Therapy, Katrina is the owner of Brighter Days Elderly Services.Through several goal orientated activities, Katrina provides true companionship for seniors, reintroducing them to their once loved activities. She strongly believes the key is to let her client’s passions guide activities all the while engaging them in meaningful conversation.

Katrina has always had a deep respect for the elderly community, and loves to listen to their life stories and experiences, “my clients are incredibly interesting, loving, and wise. I feel so fortunate to establish friendships with such amazing people and their families”.  Katrina is very aware through research and experience of the positive impact companionship and conversation can have, and feels that improving someone’s day and bringing joy to their life is a very rewarding experience.